A collection of websites
that I've created

Pottery artist web store

My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a web store for ceramics and pottery can look. I took the most common features of a personal touch and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colors, fonts and backgrounds matched each other. Visit the project

Galleri O.H.L.S.E.N

Elin wanted a website to tell a little bit more about her story and her paints. Elin wanted a clean looking website and easy to manage. She also wanted a page for her webshop where she could display her artwork. Visit the project

Siw Heier website

Siw wanted a modern and visual website with a rough touch. She needed a visual website that had enough room to show off her own art work  and portfolio items. She also wanted to be able to easily add and edit the website herself. Visit the project

Embla Keramikk

The old website had missing pages, an old design and old content. Siw & Trine wanted something fresh that could last for a few years. More room for galleries and organized photo gallery and a direct feed from their Instagram gallery. Visit the project

Mats Engkvist website

Mats wanted a website that looked modern and simple to use website, where he can display his musical albums, and latest singles through SoundCloud player. As a singer and song writer, he love that some of his poets texts on the front of the website. Visit the project

Green PC

The goal of this website was to create a fresh and modern website where customers can sell their used computers & buy refurbished computers. This project includes an automated price estimator based on the condition of the old computer. So people could easily get a value of their old used laptops. Visit the project

Datadeler website

Datadeler team wanted a modern and redesigned website that went well together with colors and pages that matches. They wanted for their customers to be able to customize their own computer build. With this project I have made every page custom made and tailored to suit their business which aims to reduce electronics waste. Visit the project
Screenshot_2021-05-12 Finn Artister – Tangent Artist

Tangent As

Tangent As wanted a website where it works as a meeting point for Artists, Bands, Musicians and more The point of the website is for Musicians, Bands and artists to be able to create their profile and tailor it to their taste, and show what they got to offer. And they should be filtered based on municipality, and to be shown on google maps. This project is an exciting project and upon completion the customer was satisfied and this is what I am for.  Visit the project

Kiwanis Club · Risør

Kiwanis Club Risør decided to take a step further toward the future, and wanted to be the first of all Kiwanis clubs worldwide to be able to sell their charity lottery online where the participant/buyer can buy a lotteri ticket securely and be given a ticket number via SMS, Email and as a picture with the actual ticket number to be printed. This is one of the most exciting projects I worked with, and glad Kiwanis Club Risør was very impressed and happy with the results. Visit the project

Norways badminton assosication

Norway’s badminton association decided to take a step forward toward the digitized world, and sell their lottery tickets electronically not only that, but to allow their customers to choose which club to support when buying these raffle tickets digitally, which reduced the workload for the organization when it came to distributing the sold tickets income. I have enjoyed working on this project particularly  as the organization had great ideas to bring forward to live. Visit the project

Jamboree · Norge

Jamboree Norway had an outdated website and did not serve their need and their goal, they needed a simple, sleek website where they can post their latest news, and yet be able to modify it themselves going forward without the need for technical complications, and this where i came in play, i have brought their website to a new and sleek design yet simple and easy to edit going forward without being worried to break anything. Visit the project